American Justice

Under Lisa Forrell's careful direction the three central performances convince....GRIPPING"
**** The Times 

"Director Lisa Forrell keeps everything spinning suspensefully. I can already envisage a Hollywood film" **** Evening Standard

"Lisa Forrell's powerfully acted production...tense, thought-provoking." The Independent

"A psychological thrilled that grips...the play never relaxes its hold in Lisa Forrell's sharp production" Daily Telegraph

"Full of surprises and a superb cast, American Justice is not to be missed" **** West End Frame

Dark at The Top of the Stairs

"Lisa Forrell's darkly compelling production' **** Daily Telegraph

"..for the Belgrade theatre..this was not just another feather in its cap but a peak" The Stage

"Forrell's production captures the bruising intimacy" The Guardian

A Shayna Maidel

'Exquisitely acted and given a sensitively paced production by Lisa Forrell' The Times

'Lisa Forrell's company plays with piercing emotional accuracy'
The Independent on Sunday

'Lisa Forrell has obtained minutely realised performances…'
Financial Times

The Passion of Marianne

'Lisa Forrell's production establishes a powerful visual rhythm, focusing just often enough on the letters……….to remind us of the epistolary form, but never becoming static' Evening Standard

The Real World?

'Good urgent writing and gripping performances'
The Sunday Times – Theatre Choice

The Day You'll Love Me

'Lisa Forrell's direction splendidly creates an almost Chekovian mood…' Evening Standard

'Lisa Forrell directs with amused sensitivity and the result is a captivating production' The Observer

'I invite you to join me on an amazing theatrical discovery' Daily Mail

'Lisa Forrell's superb production' Time Out & Critics Choice

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

'Lisa Forrell's well-paced direction and three fine performances..' The Sunday Times

'Extremely well-played' The Independent

Time and The Room

'An impressively bald staging' Evening Standard

'Lisa Forrell boldly presents as Pirandellian farce' Mail on Sunday

'LF's scrupulous and faithful production' Time Out – Critics Choice


'Lisa Forrell directs meticulously..' Financial Times

'Carefully directed by Lisa Forrell, these are strong performances'
The Guardian

Total Eclipse

'Lisa Forrell's production is first-rate' What's on Stage

'..gets a sharp tough production from Lisa Forrell, as ruthless as the writing' Sunday Times

Unsuspecting Susan

'Under Lisa Forrell's direction (Celia Imrie) takes the audience into her snooty confidence right from the off' Time Out 

'Savvy direction by Lisa Forrell' The New York Times

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

'In Lisa Forrell's fine revival' The Guardian – Choice

'Total Eclispe last month and now Peter Nichol's Joe Egg…the last two (so dissimilar) have been excellently directed by Lisa Forrell'
Financial Time