Current Projects


Black Venus 
Showcase at The Other Place on the 13th February 2020

The Respectful Prostitute
A play by Sartre. Production scheduled for May/June 2020.

The Deep Blue Sea (La Caresse du Néant)
Lisa acquired the French rights, adapted by Stéphane Laporte. Currently casting in Paris.

Call Me Madam
The Irving Berlin musical. Lisa acquired the British rights with Kim Criswell.


The Journey Home
Written by Lisa based on the book by Olaf Olafsson. Received a Euro Media award and development funding. In pre-production to be produced by True North (Iceland) and iHeartcinema and Sandstone Productions (UK).

A three part TV series based on Lisa's treatment of a true story. Produced by Parkville Pictures. 


Paris by Night
A play adapted by Lisa based on a play by Jean-Marie Besset. To be produced in 2020. Jenny Topper producing.

A Garden in Potsdam
A play based on Lisa's real life experience in East Berlin and Potsdam. Currently writing.